Inclusion charter

The charter

We promote the legal and actual equality of people with and without disabilities.

We find ways and means to offer the individual support needed to ensure participation with equal opportunities for everyone.

We utilise the skills and experience of all people to guarantee their active participation in decision-making, planning and implementation processes.

We raise awareness of the topics covered by the Charter at all company and organisational levels.

We promote networking and exchange between the companies and organisations that support the project.

We are prepared to put these at the service of our organisation, to formulate suitable objectives and to implement concrete measures.


The charter and initial recommendations for action were developed by Consense Philanthropy Consulting in collaboration with the following specialist and practice partners: Islam Alijaj (politician, disability rights activist), Rita Albrecht-Zander (inclusion, Special Olympics), Thomas Bräm (mitschaffe. ch), Damian Bright, Nathalie Christen (Service d’accompagnement et d’hébergement de l’adulte, canton de Neuchâtel), Gabriel Currat (Special Olympics Switzerland), Stefan Gal (Swisscom), Urs Germann (Federal Office for the Equality of Persons with Disabilities), Magaly Hanselmann (Service d’accompagnement et d’hébergement de l’adulte, canton de Neuchâtel), Silja Horber (Special Olympics athlete & pastoral care for the disabled, canton of Zurich), Annette Kahlen (Ilgenpark, lecturer FFHS), Bernhard Krauss (Coordination Office for Disability Rights, Cantonal Social Welfare Office Zurich), Tobias Meier (plan. inklusion), Sophie Moulin (aliaCap, Etat de Neuchâtel), Julien Neruda, Michel Rudin (Swiss Diversity), Lea Sandoz-Mey (founder of inclusion365, inclusion activist), Jonas Staub (Blindspot – Inklusion und Vielfaltsförderung Schweiz) and Carmen Zurbriggen (University of Fribourg)

Organizations using the Charta

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